Bebop Poetry

When spoken word artist Kenny Gomes meets Martijn van Ditshuizen's jazz quartet, magic happens. Composition and improvisation blend together seamlessly as the audience is taken on a captivating journey.

Artoise Big Band

Artoise Big Band is a modern big band, incorporating both jazz, funk, soul and pop music in their performances. The band was formed during Lars' studies at Codarts, conservatory of Rotterdam.

Kris Ransijn Trio

Kris Ransijn Trio consists of three young driven musicians. They play surprising and refreshing compositions based on experiences, emotions and musical styles from every corner of the world.

Between the Lines

Take a trip to New Orleans, marching with one of the second lines through the streets until the early hours of the morning.

Jazzduo Salted Butter

Butter is the basis of any great sandwich, but it has little flavor of its own. Much like the jazz standard, adding just a pinch of salt will make it a lot more interesting. Jazzduo Salted Butter takes the Jazz Standard with a grain of salt for a tasteful and innovative performance.


Blazers Collectief West

Blazers Collectief West was founded for the Westland new years' concert. Directed by its musical leader Erik-Jan de With, the collective turned out to be a golden combination.

Hoogland, Ransijn & van Stralen

Lars Hoogland, Kris Ransijn and Elbrich van Stralen are constantly challenging, searching and finding each other in their improvisations.